Friday, July 18, 2008

Company's coming

I'm not especially happy with my people right now.

First, they came home on Sunday smelling like a woofie...the one with big teeth named Eve.

Then, they actually left again in the middle of the week! Thankfully, it was just for one night. However, once again, they smelled like Eve. I'm not sure just what's going on with that.

Treater has been busy this week working out in the garage. She said there are more of those boxes out there. She doesn't stay long 'cause it's something like 'leventy-hunnert degrees out there! She certainly smells "interesting" when she comes back in. Of course, that means she won't take any dictation for me. Shoot, she hasn't even been taking interesting pictures this week.

Then, last night, after a phone call, she got mad. Then she got busy. And she's still busy today... cleaning. That means the big sucky machine runs all over the place...and things start flying in the air and making me sneeze. She said some people called and said they were in town and could they come over today to visit and see our 'partment. Treater said she hasn't had time to clean all week, but she's trying to get it done today before they get here.

I'm getting to write this because she is tired and sat down by the computer to rest and I threatened her with biteys and hairballs if she didn't take dictation right this minute!

Treater said that her cousin is flying in to visit, too, and that she'll be here Sunday night. This place is getting busier than a beehive. After I finish with this, I may just head for the space 'neath the bed and camp out there for the weekend. I think I can reach the bag of Greenies - the one with the broken zip-strip that won't stay closed!!! - and I'll just haul it under the bed with me.

Oh, I think you're supposed to give a compliment with every criticism (or something like that - it's what Treater always says). So, I've complained and criticized; here's my compliment: Treater did a very good thing last night when she washed the towel that she keeps on my footstool and then dried it till it was good and hot and then called to me as she put it - still very warm! - on my footstool. I didn't budge from there for hours last night!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy, busy time. It was very nice of you to snooze on the warm towel, especially after being ignored all week.

Daisy said...

Warm towels are the greatest!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

You look very comfortable there!

Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me! I really appreciate it. - Dragonheart

Junior said...

Someone wants to look at your apartment? You aren't moving again are you?

You look very comfy on that warm blanket!