Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What to do?

I just heard Treater and Napper talking. They are leaving me again! They are going back to the place where we used to live for a few days.

Apparently, I'll be here alone for three nights. I'll have the big bed all to myself!!! Maybe I'll finally get to sleep on Treater's pillow (she hates that!).

Better yet, three nights alone would be perfect for having fun...maybe - perhaps - like inviting some furrends over and having a party?!

Any ideas? What should I do? Have a party? Entice an anole to come inside to play? Trash the place? Leave some "goodies" around the apartment?

Whatever I decide to do, I'm not responsible. It's not my fault they're leaving me. Cats just wanna have fun. Right?


Junior said...

What is it with your beans and the place you used to live? Strange!

I vote for some trashin' and some surprises left behind. But definitely sleep to your hearts content on that bed!

The Furry Kids said...


HotMBC said...

Sheesh, beans.

Definitely house trashing party time. Yep.

Fin said...

Hi Spooky, Just dropped by and I was really enjoying your blog, come on over if you like to check out my blog. You are a very cute kitty!

I too was recently abandoned and I say if you can have friends over, go for it.

Junior said...

Are they gone yet? Can we start trashing things?