Friday, February 13, 2009

My Valentine Surprise

I was minding my own business, peeking out the glass doors, watching the goings-on out there., when I heard Treater come in from the mailbox. (Treater here: Spooky, I don't think that being nosy and watching everyone outside can be considered "minding one's own business!")

Oh. Well, anyway, she said that I had mail! I asked her who in the world had sent something to ME!?!?

She just grinned, and opened the box end, and set it on the floor next to me. I had to check this out!

Oh, my goodness gracious! It's from Orion!

It's full of all sorts of good toys and a really warm and cozy fleece and Temptations and - oh! - a Valentine card!

The fleece was tied with this really nifty ribbon, too.

The fleece looks great - and feels great - on top of my footstool. The ribbon and toys are good there, too...well, unless I'm chasing them around, that is.

Orion - and Meowm, too - I want to thank you very, very, very much for my wonderful Valentine's Day gifts. You are so thoughtful and sweet and cute, too.

Junior and Orion's Meowm bought these nice gifts before Meowm found out that she was getting laid off from work. Junior and Orion love having her home, but she needs to find a really good job so that she can feed the boys (and herself). Purr really hard that everything gets better for her.

Meanwhile, I've got to get things ready...I hear that Orion is teleporting over for a visit after they get Meowm settled in.


Junior said...

Hello my sweet Spooky. You look so cute and comfy on that blanket that I sent you! I am very glad that you like what I sent you! I feel kinda bad because Meowm mixed up your treats with my brothers gilrs actually should have had well. Still I hope you like the Temptations. Meowm is spending some time with freinds this evening so I will be teleporting over to spend the evening with you. I can hardly wait!


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

What wonderful gifties! It was so sweet of Orion to send those out. I'm sure it makes him very happy to see you enjoying them.


Daisy said...

What sweet presents you got from your beau Orion!

Fin said...

What great presents Spooky!

Tiggie FOC said...

Hey...Junior...remember: I spotted her first. And if my beans weren't so busy putting sticky stuff on the walls, I would have asked them to mail something to you too.

One of these days Junior and I have to meet. I hear we are neighbors.