Friday, July 17, 2009

Watching the birdies

Still hanging around...
Not doing much of anything.


The peeps are planning another trip to see the little one.
That means I'll be alone. Again.


Remember a few weeks ago when I said something about having a PARTY?

It's time! Ya'll come on over!

Oh, these pics? I'm watching the little birdie. On TV. Not the kind that chirps. It's the kind that people hit with those funny-shaped sticks. Napper calls this the "British Open."

Orion, I'm still loving the blankie! Thanks again, ever so much!


JB's Big World said...

Am I the first one at the party? I have niptinis! Let's party!

Tiggie FOC said...

Hey...I was watching the British Open too. Bernie was all about the 59 year old guy winning.

If we had both known we were both watching we could have had a virtual date.

Tiggie FOC said...

PS: Bernie said the 59 year old did lose. I guess I must have dozed off....

Spooky said...

Yeah, Tiggie...Napper was pulling for the 59-year-old guy, too. He was not happy that he lost. I dozed off, too. Treater was in her recliner and I saw the opportunity to climb on her and snooze.

Junior and Orion said...

It is so good to see you my dear!!!! I am going to teleport over right now and snuggle with you on that blanket so we can nejoy it together.

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

I do love your new's very pretty and looks soft and fluffy.

So...I told Tiggie I will pick up him and Hart and then we'll be right over...if we're not too late for the party? We'll bring Greenies....and maybe a live bug or two to liven things up.

Miss Kitty