Saturday, June 27, 2009

Computer Woes

Hi, Cats!

Everything is cool over here (inside,'s pretty hot outside). Anyway, I'm fine, nothing's wrong...except with Treater's computer, that is.

I'm borrowing a computer right now so that we can let everycat know that Treater's computer's motherboard kicked the bucket recently. The drives (and all the photos) are fine, but the computer won't run. She's waiting on someone to fix it. Maybe Napper will...or perhaps the Tall Guy Who Always Picks Me Up will fix it.

Anyway...keep checking back. We'll be back online soon.


~ Spooky


Tiggie FOC said...

Tell Treater to take more pictures of you for when the computer thing gets fixed. Hart and I love looking at your picture!

Junior and Orion said...

Computer issues least that is what Meowm says. We agree...anything that keep us from visiting our blogosphere friends does suck. Hang in there!

**I will keep checking in on your my darling. Actually I willteleport over right now**~Orion