Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Treater has a friend who visits a lot. I like her, too, 'cause she always smells like CAT. She has two kitties at her house. She is a good ear-scritcher, too. Her name is Miss Ruthie. Miss Ruthie is a very kind, loving, and gentle person.

A couple of weeks ago, the people at the pet shelter called Miss Ruthie. Someone had thrown three little kittens into the trash and the men at the landfill found them. Sadly, one kitty did not survive, but the shelter needed a foster mom for the other two. The kittens were only about a week old.

Miss Ruthie has taken those two in (temporarily) and is patiently feeding them a special kitten formula every four hours. Treater gets watery eyes every time she talks about this with me. I think Miss Ruthie deserves a hearty round of meows from kitties everywhere!

The shelter has already found homes for the two little boy kitties, but they won't release them until they're old enough.

I think this world needs a whole lot more people just like Miss Ruthie!


Junior and Orion said...

Oh my goodness!!! Meowm has water in her eyes now too! The things that some humans do are just terrible! Please give Miss Ruthie some gentle headbutts for me, my brother and my Meowm!

As for the storms....yes we must keep each other company next time they happen, and I am so glad you don't think me less of a mancat for being spooked by them.

Smoochies, Orion

Fin said...

Yeah, yippee for Ruthie!!

Junior and Orion said...

Spooky...I am teleporting over to visit you!!!~~Orion