Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I didn't see this coming!


I'm at the V-E-T place! I hear barks and mews all around, but I can't see anybody else.

I heard Treater and Dr. T. talk about getting "samples" and x-rays and and shots and something called "boarding." Not quite sure what that is but it doesn't sound like something I'm gonna like.

(I'm hiding...I escaped from my cage and I found this computer.... shhhh! Please don't tell.)

Please help me!


goldenshade said...


What can we do? Don't leave as you could be out in the street. Try to get in touch with the Treater, there must be a mistake.

Boarding? I don't like the sound of that.

Maybe it is something that needs to be done but still, that's no way to spring it on an unsuspecting kitty.

Keep us updated!

Maybe Tiggie will have a plan...

Shade and Goldie

Daisy said...

OH NOOOOO! That sounds very terrible! I hope they do not steal your bloods. I hate that!

Junior said...

What in the world is going on? Boarding for how long? I am very worried about all of you!

Adan*Michico said...

Oah No!!!!!!!!!
Oah Dear~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sounds very scary!!!!!!!
How is it going now!!?!?!?!!!

Junior said...

Phew! **wiping sweat from brow with paw**

Thank you for leaving us a message about what was going on. I look forward to when Spooky gets back home.

By they way....medication adjusted...what is the issue....if you don't mind sharing?

Tiggie FOC said...

Spooky: Remember: Tuck tail. Bite. Use back claws. Shed. Hiss. Pant.
Look pathetic when Treater comes to visit. Pretend you have lost your voice.

I did the pretent to lose my voice, but forgot to tuck my tail. The vet did the glass tube thinging up the backside and got my voice back real sudden-like.

DON'T rub your nose on the bars though. You don't want to mess up your cute face.

Boots & the Interlopers said...

As long as they don't add water to the boarding, all will be good.

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

Oh poor Spooky! That all sounds very upsetting. I hope you can keep hiding, maybe they will forget about those things....

Miss Kitty

meemsnyc said...

Oh no!!! Sorry to hear you are at the Vet!!