Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Should I be worried?

These people are driving me crazy!

They keep putting all of the stuff in boxes and taking them away someplace. They fuss when I make a mess (blush) and they forget to give me treats! I really have to talk loudly when I don't get my morning treat!

They left really early this morning - in a great big hurry! - and I had to remind Treater several times to feed me and give me a treat! They were gone allll daaay loooong. At least they didn't take one of those suitcase things this time.

They're home now and I finally convinced Napper that I really needed for him to settle down so that I could curl up with him.

These people are just too excited for me. I don't know what's going on.

I wonder what the word "moving" means?


JB's Big World said...

You better make sure they keep all your treats in a box marked "treats" so they don't get lost in the move!

goldenshade said...

I don't know what "moving" means in regards to big boxes. Maybe it will be a good thing? Keep us posted.

~Goldie and Shade

Althea N. Agape said...

ohh, we moved so mommy could go to see men hairy. I. DID. NOT. LIKE. IT. ONE. BIT.

hours in the car expressing my unhappiness. A new house with wrong smells, which, when I attempted to rectify, got me in BIG trouble.

And she keeps talking about when we move next time. Not a happy thought. I need to go climb up on my kitty tree.


Daisy said...

Moving!?!?! Uh oh! I have done that before, and I did not enjoy it. And I had to fly inside an airplane.

Tiggie FOC said...

Moving: Eww.

Anything different or new is bad.

Junior said...

I have done that moving thing, and it wasn't very fun...but it happens. Just keep after your beans to take proper care of you. They need to remember that this can be a traumatic time for you.

KATZRULE said...

Tiria says: "You're it, Spooky!" (see Tiria's blog for the game)