Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Kentucky Kin

Last week, Treater and Napper went lots of places. One place they went was to visit my human sister, Light, and her hubby, Stretch. Stretch is doing very good after his strokes and heart surgery. He still gets tired easily, and is still on medication, but he looks good. My human sister is expecting a blurpy one in a few months, so she gets tired, too. Sounds like good napping opps there, huh?

Instead, Treater and Napper and Stretch and Light spent their time together fixing up the house and doing some shopping. They are getting ready for that little critter who will be coming to live there.

Treater said she went outside in the early mornings to check on Lala, Willow, and Racer. She took these pictures in the dark and was surprised that they turned out okay. Lala and Willow are in the top picture. Big, floofy Racer is in the bottom picture.

I think Lala is too busy chasing field mice and exploring the barn to do any posting. Maybe one of these days she'll talk about her adventures.


Junior said...

We are glad to hear that Light and Stretch are doing well.

And we are glad that Lala, willow and Racer are looking well.

goldenshade said...

That's great that Stretch is feeling better!

Your kin are a pretty cute bunch!


Goldie and Shade

JB's Big World said...

They look like nice Kentucky Kats!

Junior said...

Oh spooky...I used to sleep alone...except for Meowm. And I don't sleep next to my brother very often. This picture is only the second time I have slept next to him. But we will teleport over and keep you company if you wish. No one should be alone all the time.


Everycat said...

They look very well in those pictures. I'm glad Stretch is doing well now too.

Whicky Wuudler