Monday, October 27, 2008

Snuggling and cuddling

My people are home!

Treater and Napper didn't leave me forever!!

A very nice lady named Lori took good care of me, but she didn't sleep over here. I did not have anyone to snuggle and cuddle with. I liked Lori so much that I only urped one time!

Treater and Napper came back this afternoon. I'm so, so, so happy!

Guess what? Best of all?! Right now, Napper is napping and I'm snuggling and cuddling with him.


Fin said...

Yippee Spooky! I missed you so!

goldenshade said...

That is great news!!!!!

They are sticking around for awhile, aren't they?

Enjoy your snuggles!!!!

~Goldie and Shade

Junior said...

Well if Treater and Napper have been gone since your last post I am gonna teleport over and have a word with them!

They had better treat you fantastically....lots of treats, lots of petting (if you want it), warm places to nap.

I think now would be the time to ask for a large cat tree!

Java's Coffee House said...

Geesh it's about time they got back, I bet you missed them lots.