Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No news here

I guess I haven't been whapping Treater hard enough. Ever since she and Napper came home from visiting that new little boy (again...twice in two months!), she just won't sit down and take my dictation.

Treater did take several pictures...of the new boy and the dog and one picture of a stray cat. She didn't bring back any pictures of Lala and Willow and Racer! I need to know that my kin-cats are doing well.

As for that stray cat, she took the picture because she said it looks like someone washed and dried Racer and used too much heat and bleach. She said it looks like a blond Racer, only smaller. Racer is my huge nephew cat - his photo is in the sidebar down a bit. He's big and black and very long-haired.

She said the picture isn't very good because she took it through a window why she was holding - what else?! - the new little boy.

Oh, well. Anyway, my peeps are back for now. There's nothing new going on except that we're having a bunch of thunderboomer storms every day and loud thunder scares me! I've even decided that perhaps it's okay to climb up in Treater's lap when the noise gets too scary. But only for a little while.

Purrs, ya'll!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Something's in the air

Things are getting very interesting around here.

Those big boxes are disappearing, but more stuff appears. Treater calls it unpacking. I call it cluttering. It's just more stuff to run around and knock over.

Treater and Napper have pulled out the big suitcases. That always means trouble. They say they're flying to visit the new little tail-puller. I wonder if they have to fly very far and if their arms will get tired.

Usually when they leave, they leave me alone for short trips or a strange person will stop in to make sure I have food and water and a clean box. This time, they said someone special will be coming to stay with me.

Special, my foot.

I figured it out. The Tall Guy Who Picks Me Up is coming over, but he's not bringing Eve, the woofie, with him. Whew.

Treater said he'll be staying with us for several days. He used to be my favorite person until he started picking me up a lot and then started smelling like a woofie. I'm not sure I'll like him this time. Depends on what he smells like and if he tries to pick me up.

Treater here: Spooky, if he's the one who gives you your treats every morning, you'd better behave and act a little bit as if you like him.

Okay, Treater. I guess it could be worse. Eve could be coming, too. Or the tail-puller.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What I've been doing

I finally smacked Treater enough that she agreed to sit down at the computer for a few minutes to take dictation. Sheesh. She has been too busy. Sometimes I have to beg her to sit down so she'll scritch my ears or give me my treats.

Anyway, that guy who talks funny has been working in our house. It's getting all fixed up. I spend my time watching him, watching Napper, and watching Treater...and watching those big birds outside. Not much else to do but laze around.

Personal to Orion: Thanks for teleporting in and keeping me company! ;)