Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cat, Wrap

There is no way I'd stand for this. This poor kitty must be high on catnip or something. (Oh, sorry 'bout that ad...I guess it has to be there.)

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey, there. I'm back.

As you can see, when I'm awake and feeling good, I usually keep a close eye on all that's going on in the world around my house. All sorts of critters show up outside my window, like sandhill cranes, squirrels, anoles, and golfers.

Treater and Dr. Heather spent a long time talking about me yesterday. Dr. Heather (she's Dr. Steve's wife) said my thyroid numbers are still bad, but they're lots better than they were one month and two months ago. I have to have more of that lab work in one more month. If they're not good, I'll have to have another I-131 treatment.

Some of my other results weren't so good, either, but others were excellent. I don't like one of the two new foods that Dr. Steve wants me to eat, so Dr. Heather said not to worry about it for now. Whew. That's good. I was afraid Treater and Napper would start cramming it down my throat like that ginormous pill they make me take every night!

I have good days and bad days. Yesterday was a horrible day. Today is much better. So far. Except for Treater laughing at me and teasing me.

Yeah, I was sleeping soundly.

Yeah, sleep does ugly things to one's hair fur.

Yeah, I was sleeping on my side.

Yeah, the right side of my face is flat. (For you people who get confused like Treater, the right side of my face is on your left.)

Please don't laugh at me.

Pssst...Orion, did you recognize the blankie you sent me? I still sleep on it every single day. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Catching up

The last time I wrote, I mentioned that I had a heart problem. My heart still hurts from missing Tiggie, but my inside heart is better. My health problems were more than just that.

Treater noticed that I was tired a lot more than usual, and she also thought I looked as if I had lost a little weight. I'm not a very big kitty anyway. At my, er, um, plumpest, I weighed 7.5 pounds. I'm just a little gal. Well, she called the V.E.T. and dragged me in there. They weighed me and poked me and stuck me and did some pretty disagreeable things to me! I was not a happy camper!

This was about three or four months ago. The blood tests showed some scary-high numbers, so Dr. Steve sent me to the Big City Hospital. Treater was amazed - she said she never realized there were V.E.T. Specialists at those hospitals. I saw a cardiologist and an internist when I was there. It turned out that my primary condition was hyperthyroidism. Yeah, I dunno what that is, either, but it's what made me tired and skinny. They also found my enlarged heart, but the cardiologist suspected it was a side-effect from the thyroid disorder.

(Yeah, there are some big words here. Treater is peeking over my shoulder helping me with the spelling.)

Anyway, the treatment sounded scary, but it wasn't so bad...except that I had to stay in the hospital for a few days. They gave me something called an I-131 treatment and turned me into a radioactive cat! Napper teased me...he said he knew the things I left in my litter box were radioactive...for a while, they really were! Life seemed no different to me once I got home, but Treater and Napper had to avoid me for a couple of weeks and every time they did anything for me, they pulled on gloves. I tell you litter box leavings must be valuable. They wouldn't throw them away; instead, they saved them in a special box. Now, even I wouldn't want that box after a few days.

Anyway, like I said the last time I wrote, they made me start taking pills three times a day for my heart. After a month, I only had to take two a day. That's no fun. I also had to go back for more poking and other disagreeable stuff. Dr. Steve and Dr. M (my internist) weren't happy with the results, so they told me I had to go back again in one more month. Well, that was yesterday.

More poking and pushing and sticking and all those disagreeable things. This is getting old. On the good side, I gained four more ounces, so I've gained about half a pound since my treatment. Treater is supposed to talk to Dr. Steve today about "my labs." (I didn't know I had a lab!)

Dr. M said that 5% of the felines who have the I-131 treatment have to have a second treatment. I hope I'm not one, but it's not looking great. We'll know later today. Treater said my medical treatments this year already cost more than hers and Napper's combined. Hey, I'm worth it, right?

So, that's why I haven't blogged much lately. I've just been too tired. I still sleep a lot, but I'm feeling a bit better.

Oh, yeah. I got new food yesterday, too. Dr. Steve said I need special food for my kidneys. Gee. This is making me sound like an old cat. I'm not...I'm still a youthful-looking lady. Hmmm, but I do have a birthday in a couple of months.

Twelve's not old! Is it?

Treater said we'll post an update later when we know something. She said she'll do it for me if I'm sleeping. Right now, I need a nap.