Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I am sad

Please pardon my long absence from my blog. This has been an unusally eventful summer around here. It's a long story, and I may tell all about it later. Right now, my heart hurts.

My heart has been sick lately. The V.E.T. did not like the way my heart sounded, so he sent me and Treater to a cat-cardiologist. They took pictures of my heart (among other things!!!) and put me on special medicine. He said my heart was huge. I thought a big heart was good, but not in this case. He also said there was a lot of fluid around my heart. I had to take three pills a day! I went back last week for more pictures of my heart and the V.E.T. was very surprised and said my heart almost looks normal! Now I just take two pills a day.

I felt better...for a short time. Now my heart hurts again.

My very bestest inspiration for this blog...has been very sick, too. Tiggie FOC (that means Faithful Orange Cat) had some surgery a couple of weeks ago, but it did not help him get better. Blondie and Bernie had to make a hard choice yesterday, and they helped Tiggie cross the Bridge. Now Tiggie feels better, and is romping with his old friends, Mac and Tidbit, and a lot of other friends, too.

Treater and Napper went to visit Blondie and Bernie and Tiggie and Hart a couple of months ago. Treater took this picture of Tiggie for me (beautiful, isn't he?). He didn't feel very good here.

It's a sad day when a cat leaves his people. Please purray for his family...they are sad.

So am I.