Thursday, July 31, 2008

That was NOT funny!

Sometimes my people can be so stupid.

Somebody forgot to fill my water dish.

I think I was patient long enough. In my opinion, it's perfect acceptable to complain loudly in Somebody's ear at 5 o'clock in the morning. If Somebody would be more thoughtful and considerate, then Somebody wouldn't have to get out of bed so early.

It worked. Somebody got up and washed and refilled my bowl. With COLD water. Right out of the fridge. What was Somebody thinking, anyway?

Napper then caught me up on the bathroom counter looking for water in the sink. He added water and left the room. I'm too embarrassed to tell what happened next, but it serves them right that there was water all over the mirror, counter, floor...everywhere. I had to go off into the corner to lick myself dry. Napper laughed. Loudly. Then he told Treater. Sheesh.

If I'm not staking out my water bowl, you'll find me under the bed today. Getting dry...and getting over this humiliation.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I saw today

I'm sorry for taking such a long nap. We've had so much rain and so many's making me stay so sleepy all the time.

Today's nap was interrupted by a lot of activity outside my big window. These are called ibises. One is called an ibis. Boy, do they move fast! Once in a while, one would get mad at another one for getting in his way. They sure were funny to watch. It would have been better if I could have had a try at one of them...I think I could have snagged at least one to play with. Heeheeheehee...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

No blogging today

It's raining,
all those things that make me wanna curl up and nap.

Later, ya'll.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My long weekend

Did you see the new link in the sidebar? Be sure to click it and feed the hungry kitties! I found it on The Crew's blog. George wrote about it.

We had all kinds of visitors this weekend! Normally I don't like visitors. I just sniff their hands and then leave. This time, the lady visitor who came on Friday night gave me a scratch. She scratched me in just the right place, so I decided to sit near her feet and make her bend over and keep scratching me. It certainly surprised my people! Napper kept asking me if I felt okay. My people and the visitors left for a long time, but then they came back smelling like FISH! I wonder why the lady with the good scratches didn't think to bring me back some of that good-smelling fish?

Then, Treater's cousin came in to visit. She was so much like Treater that I just curled up at her feet. It might be nice to have two of them around - Treater and Treater's cousin. I might get double treats and Greenies! Then, a really odd thing happened. Treater, Napper, and Treater's cousin all left for a while. When they came back, they smelled like FISH! What is it with these people? If they're gonna be around fish, they oughta be bringing some back to ME!

These visitors weren't so bad. There weren't any mini-visitors. No one tried to pick me up or pull my tail. I might let more visitors come, but someone needs to please bring me some of that good-smelling fish!

Yesterday afternoon, I sprawled out on my footstool and watched Treater clean the 'partment.

Pretty soon, what was on the patio became more interesting than what Treater was doing. The wind was blowing a few leaves around and some of the plants were swaying. Then I spotted something moving.

This big ol' anole was perched on one of the pretend pelicans. He was doing his push-ups. As fast as they run and climb, I thought they'd already be in great physical shape, but I guess the push-ups help, too.

They make Treater laugh when they start "blowing bubbles." She said it reminds her of bubblegum when they do this. I think it's just plain weird.

I've had a very busy four days. I think I'll spend today just taking it easy, after I visit some of my blogging buddies, that is.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Company's coming

I'm not especially happy with my people right now.

First, they came home on Sunday smelling like a woofie...the one with big teeth named Eve.

Then, they actually left again in the middle of the week! Thankfully, it was just for one night. However, once again, they smelled like Eve. I'm not sure just what's going on with that.

Treater has been busy this week working out in the garage. She said there are more of those boxes out there. She doesn't stay long 'cause it's something like 'leventy-hunnert degrees out there! She certainly smells "interesting" when she comes back in. Of course, that means she won't take any dictation for me. Shoot, she hasn't even been taking interesting pictures this week.

Then, last night, after a phone call, she got mad. Then she got busy. And she's still busy today... cleaning. That means the big sucky machine runs all over the place...and things start flying in the air and making me sneeze. She said some people called and said they were in town and could they come over today to visit and see our 'partment. Treater said she hasn't had time to clean all week, but she's trying to get it done today before they get here.

I'm getting to write this because she is tired and sat down by the computer to rest and I threatened her with biteys and hairballs if she didn't take dictation right this minute!

Treater said that her cousin is flying in to visit, too, and that she'll be here Sunday night. This place is getting busier than a beehive. After I finish with this, I may just head for the space 'neath the bed and camp out there for the weekend. I think I can reach the bag of Greenies - the one with the broken zip-strip that won't stay closed!!! - and I'll just haul it under the bed with me.

Oh, I think you're supposed to give a compliment with every criticism (or something like that - it's what Treater always says). So, I've complained and criticized; here's my compliment: Treater did a very good thing last night when she washed the towel that she keeps on my footstool and then dried it till it was good and hot and then called to me as she put it - still very warm! - on my footstool. I didn't budge from there for hours last night!

Monday, July 14, 2008


My people left me again this weekend, but for only one night. I did the appropriate thing, and left a hairball for Treater to find. It was a hairball to be proud of, too!

As they were bringing things in, I kept noticing a peculiar scent.

I smelled their shoes.

I smelled the suitcase.

I smelled the vacuum cleaner (yeah, that went with them on this trip, too!).

When Treater pulled the dirty clothes out of the suitcase and I caught a whiff of those, it suddenly hit me.

I know that smell, and it is not good!

They were disloyal to me this weekend. They played with a D-O-G! They had been playing with Eve (my niece dog).

Treater even took a picture of Eve, but she said she was sorry that it is so blurry. If I took the picture, it would be blurrier than this, 'cause I'd be shaking too hard!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't mess with me today!

I'm watching TV...

...go away and leave me alone!

It's just one of those days...weeks...whatever.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I'm staying close to my people. I have to make certain they don't take off again.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Alone no more

Well, they are back.

My people left me for ten whole days! I was so happy to see them that I forgot to be stand-offish when they came in the door. I talked and talked and talked...telling them that I missed them and that I was glad they were home. I even forgot to trash the place - I just left a couple of urps around. I snuggled with them and stayed close all evening.

Well, this morning I remembered that I was supposed to be mad at them for leaving me. So, I left a goodie in the middle of the living room floor...along with a few other things. hee hee

That'll teach 'em to leave me alone for so long.