Friday, October 28, 2011


Spooky The Cat
January 31, 1999 - October 28, 2011

Spooky left peacefully this morning to run with Those Who Have Gone Before.

Thank you all for your support and prayers as we faced this decision...and now we must learn how to live without our precious little Spooky.
~ Treater and Napper

Saturday, October 22, 2011

CATching more time

It's been a very long time since I wrote a post. Ever since my I-131 treatment last year, I just haven't been quite as active as before. That treatment healed my thyroid disease, but other things aren't so good. When I was being examined for that treatment, the vet specialist found that I had heart and kidney problems. I've been on medicine and special food ever since. All was good until recently...

For several weeks I've been slowly losing weight. Then I caught a cold and had trouble eating. Well, that started things. Treater and Napper have been doing an awful lot of stuff to me. I have to see Dr. Steve a whole lot...lots more than I really want to, although he is very nice (except when he sticks me, that is). I'll spare you kitties the details.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell all of my furriends how very much I've appreciated your visits and your purrs. I'm not doing well at all. I'm very weak and I can't eat or drink on my own any more, and I don't care for the syringe that Treater uses to push food into me.

This will be my last post. I had hoped to be around for my 13th birthday in January, but I won't make it. Don't cry for me. I'll soon be with Those Who Have Gone Before.

Play well and purr hard.