Friday, February 15, 2008

Cub gave me an award!

Cub may be a D-O-G, but she's a very nice one. She even gave me an award. She's trying to be extra-nice online, since she says she isn't very good with Cats in real life. I really appreciate getting this award from her!

I think there are some really nice Cats and maybe even other D-O-G-S (at least online!) out there. I'd like to recognize three of them.

First of all, Tiggie, Faithful Orange Cat inspired me to start blogging. He's a handsome orange fellow who positively glows in the sunshine. He's an expert on many things, including napping and dancing.

Next, a really beautiful Lady Cat is Miss Kitty, Norwegian Forest Cat. She is also an expert in napping (we're all Cats, so that goes without saying!) and avocado tree-climbing.

Lastly, I'd like to recognize The Ginger Cats. They get to take fascinating walks and write so poetically about their wanderings. They live in a far-off place called Wales. Reading their blog is better than traveling in real life (I don't like cat carriers and I don't like cars)!

Thank you, Cub, thank you very much!


Miss Kitty, NFC said...

Well hello Spooky, I hope you are having a good morning on the other side of this land...oh, I see it's noon where you are already!

Thank you so very much for this award...I do appreciate it. I thought it so unusual that a D.O.G. passed it on to you that I have visited the blog...and it was quite interesting.

And thank you for alerting me to the Ginger Darlings in Wales too. They certainly are poetic and have some fascinating adventures.

Again, your kindness in thinking of me for this award is appreciated (TRHO thought up that sentence; I think it's a bit too formal). I shall think about who to pass it on to.

Love from Miss Kitty

Daisy said...

Congratulations on your award! I like reading about the Ginger Cats, too.

ChrisJ said...

Hello Spooky! I must be a relative of yours because I am also a Snowshoe. My blog is and I make an appearance there every so often. But my photo is in the side bar if you care to visit. I also visit the Ginger Darlings in Wales. It is just the most beautiful blog!! She is such a good writer, and imagine having THREE Ginger Darlings. I have added you to my list to visit regularly, though my list is getting longer than my time. Keep on blogging!

goldenshade said...

Congrats Spooky on your award. You passed it on to some real deserving kitties!


michico*Adan said...

Congratulations on your awards~!
You are doing great~!

Kaz's Cats said...

Spooky, Congratulations on your award! It's great to get a nice award from strange woofie - it doesn't happen to us kitties too often! We're glad to see that you got some flowers for Valentine's day (of course they were for you after all).


Gypsy & Tasha

Tiggie FOC said...

Congrats Spooky! You are one amazing cat! OF COURSE you got an award!

Thanks for passing the award on to me as well. I think there are a lot of really neat cats out there in blogdom, and we are so lucky to be able to read and write so we can get to know them.