Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday morning


It's Monday morning. I don't look very happy, do I? I'm just a little bit irritated with Treater and Napper for trying to trick me again. I won this battle; I did not take my pill today.

For all you wonderful felines and canines who nicely suggested Pill Pockets - I learned a couple of years ago how to peel the "pocket" off the pill and leave that ol' pill behind. I like the pockets; not the pill.

I even figured out how to sniff a pill out of the "wet" food.

I sniffed Treater's fingers yesterday and figured out that she had just been holding a pill (they managed to cram that one down my throat anyway).

After that, I spent the entire day sleeping inside the entertainment center. I don't believe they have discovered this hiding place yet, so it's safe for napping.

After Treater and Napper gave up on trying to hold me down, I decided to make it up to them by playing cute since Treater had that shiny flashy box in her hands. This is my imitation of playing dead. I like to nap like this. Treater calls me "roadkill" when I do this.

This morning, I have been very politely asking for my Greenies. Treater keeps telling me that I can have it after my pill. I'll show them. I can be so cute and irresistible that they'll have to give me a Greenie.


You'd give me a Greenie, wouldn't you?


Gandalf & Grayson said...

Pill Pocket? Mom always squirts them in our mouth with a syringe. It still takes yucky though. You do a great Roadkill.

Junior said...

But you must take your pills to get all better! We don't want you sick again!

I love your roadkill imitation!

Tiggie FOC said...

You have a very weird people. Roadkill? Are you kidding me? that is a combination yoga/pilates move. I dare them to try to get into that position.

Sorry they think meds are needed. Just take extra naps, you'll be fine.

Daisy said...

Hi Spooky! It's nice to meet you. My name is Daisy. I like Greenies, too, but my favorites are Temptations. They taste good! Has your mom tried to use a Piller? It's just a little stick with a plunger on the end that they stick down your throat. You must take your medicines to get better.

Spooky said...

Hi, Daisy! Welcome to my place! Yes, my people have tried a plunger. YUK! I like Treater's "finger-push" better than that. I don't like pills at all, and I don't like being restrained. When Napper tried to hold me last night for my pill, I used my back claws and my teeth on him. Treater was mad at me 'cause she had to clean up all of the blood. That'll teach them to try to hold me. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Someone took my crunchy food away last night and left me a little bit of wet food...I wonder if there was a "surprise" crushed up in there?

Java's Coffee House said...

I'm a snowshoe too, come checks out my bloggie! You are a very nice looking snowshoe it's nice to meet you!

Snowshoes Rulz!