Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's all about the Nap

Sometimes, a girl just needs her beauty sleep.

Treater spent the day yesterday stepping over and around me. I kept moving to other places, but she said that I was in her way all day.

This is one of my favorite napping spots (yes, I have several). I'm in front of the glass wall where the sun shines on me and warms my fur. This weird blue thing appeared a few weeks ago, but I haven't figured out what to do with it. One day I found my catnip pillow in there, but I have decided that now I do not like my catnip pillow. I took care of it. I'll never see it again.

Now, every time I wake from a nap, I look inside it. About once a day, I find TWO GREENIES in there! I wonder if this is a Greenie factory? Perhaps someone is playing tricks on me. Doesn't matter. They're Greenies. I like 'em. I eat 'em.

Another favorite spot to nap is right in the middle of the floor next to the rocking chair. I keep my tail away from that chair. That thing could inflict some serious damage to my perfect little tail.

Know why I sleep all day? I chase "mems" all night! I'm not sure why they're called "mems." That's what Treater calls 'em. She said her family D-O-G (when she was a younger person) used to let himself out of the house every day and run circles around the backyard woofing and carrying on...chasing "mems." I guess that's what Treater thinks I'm doing.

This is a picture of Treater's family D-O-G from long ago. For a D-O-G, he looks kind of friendly. But if he chased "mems," then I'm sure he'd chase Cats, too. Oh, his name was Tramp.

Why do I run through the house all night? Actually, I'm practicing for the day when I catch one of those anoles. They move pretty fast. Besides, I've got to work off that Cat food and those Greenies. I must keep my girlish figure.

I could tell you more about my napping places and napping in general, but the sun is up and I absolutely must begin my long morning nap.

Ta-ta for now!


Junior said...

I LOVE to nap! Especially in the sun!

Those blue things are fun to hide in.....and then pounce on your bean when they walk by!

Daisy said...

I have a blue cube just like that! It is very fun to play in. My blue cube does not produce Greenies though. Maybe mine is defective.

The Crew said...

You find treats in your cubes every day? I've NEVER found treats in our cubes!


Spooky said...

I just peeked in there again. There are two more Greenies in there! I think every Cat deserves to have a Greenie-making cube!

Tiggie FOC said...

I really appreciate your tour of napping places. I think there should be a guide to napping places. The blue thing is very cool for producing greenies, but I wouldn't want to nap in something like that. No one could see and appreciate the fabulous nap poses we come up with if we were hidden away inside of something like that.

felinesopher said...

sleeping all day long? that's my furry feline most favourite:)

DogBlogger said...

I think Tramp looks like a very nice dog. And The Typist says they had a car like that one behind him when she was little.