Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The neighborhood Cat

There are a lot of Cats that live in my neighborhood. Most of them are inside/outside Cats. I'm just an inside Cat. I like to sit in the porthole window and watch the Cats who are outside.

One day, I heard a racket coming from the garage (the door to the garage is next to the litter box room which is where the porthole window is). I didn't know what it was, but it sounded like a Cat. Napper was at work and Treater was gone someplace. She's always going someplace, but she always comes back. After Treater came home, I didn't hear that noise anymore.

Later, while Napper and I were getting settled for our nap, I heard Treater telling him about "that silly orange Cat" being trapped inside our garage! She says that Cat sleeps in her big ficus on the front porch, and it made a litter box behind the holly hedge in front of the house. She's so mad at that Cat that I once saw her throwing palm tree seeds at it (and our Queen palms make a lot of seeds)!

Treater went outside this morning to take a picture of the sky. I think the sun was making pretty colors, but that's beyond my understanding and appreciation. Anyhoo, when she went out, she scared the orange Cat from his hiding place. I think he doesn't like the big, loud, jumpy black D-O-G that lives inside his house, so he goes to other houses.


Junior said...

That kitty looks kinda skinny. I hope his family is taking care of him.

Daisy said...

I am just an Indoor cat, too. If cats go outside, I think they should mind their manners.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...
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Tiggie FOC said...

Hey, he is orange, and orange is good. He probably would like it if you would share some greenies with him.

I don't get why he is doing his litter duties outside in the dirt. Blondie is always complaining about me because I insist on coming inside whenever I need to take a leak. She says that boy cats should be able to do that outside.
I think she is nuts.

(I made Blondie clear her comment about how she thinks cats should use "outside". Too many details that didn't need telling...)

goldenshade said...

I think tat kitty knows a real cool cats lives there and wants to be friends. :)