Monday, September 15, 2008

CATching up on old business

Treater insists that she has been pretty busy lately. Too busy to take dictation for me. Well, in protest, I have kept her extra busy. I've had a "funny tummy" lately, and things just aren't settling well, so I've been urping some major hairballs on a regular basis for her to find. I'm still not feeling well, and I'm letting her know by leaving tufts of fur around the place.

I'm really going to have to protest this week. Those daggone suitcases have reappeared! I do not like this one bit. I'm snooping around to find out when the suitcases (and Treater and Napper) will be heading out the door again. I foresee some major urpy protests!

Anyway, it's been a long time now, but Fin and Misty were kind enough to leave me an award!

Here are the rules: We are supposed to give this award to five friends. Four of these friends must be dedicated followers of our blog. (Lala and I are dedicated followers of each other's posts - does that count?) Anyway, one should be given to a new blogger who lives in a different part of the world. Each awardee must link back to whomever gave the award.

I've been looking and looking, and it looks like everyone already has this award! Is that what happens when Treater isn't very timely with helping me? Well, in my opinion, everyone who follows my blog deserves this award for being faithful enough to keep checking to see if Treater is doing her duty and assisting me. If you read this and you don't have this award, please consider yourself honored! I thank you - each and every one of you - who take the time to stop by and visit with me!

Oh, I need to report, too, that Tiggie and Hart made their escape. They are still getting acclimated to life on the outside [of that prison camp], but maybe they'll tell us about their new digs soon. I hear they've moved pretty near my friend, Junior. That's really cool!


Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Great job on being "urpy"! That will show your beans! On the other hand, if you are having hairball problems alot, some catlax can be very helpful.

Concatulations on your award!!!

The Crew said...

Oh Spooky, how is your tummy now? With 4 of us here, we have major hairball issues, so Mom feeds us only dry Iam's hairball or digestive formula. Maybe a change in diet would help you.

Your friend

Quill and Greyson said...

How I hate a hairball! Hope you are feeling better. Maybe you can urp in the suitcase?

Anonymous said...

We are very sorry you're tummy is not happy. We hope you feel better soon!