Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A nap, a little rain, and an award

Lately, I've enjoyed some really great naps. Usually, I'm on the beach-towel-covered footstool next to Treater's chair. Sometimes I'm in the big chair in the corner of the big bedroom. Sometimes I'm in my new hidey-place (see my previous post).

No matter where I am, I just wanna be left alone. No Iraqi cats here to worry about (at least, I don't think so).

I don't know why Treater thinks it's necessary to take my picture while I'm sleeping. I'm just sleeping, for Pete's sake! That flashy thing always wakes me up.

I'm not usually too thrilled about it, either. (Personal note to Lala's mommy: Treater says to ignore all the stuff in the background of the picture below; you'll get part of it in a couple of weeks and you'll get the rest in a few months.)

Then she started talking about the rain that was coming down. She called it a real gullywasher! She said it's a good thing because it hasn't rained in several weeks and we need it. I'm not sure who "we" refers to, but it certainly isn't me! I don't need the rain.

I guess the rain was a small distraction for her, because Treater then told me that I needed to catch up on some old business. Last week, Junior and Orion gave me this award. I'm not quite sure what it means, but an award is a good thing. Here's the award:

And here are the instructions that came with it:
"With the Premium Dardos, recognize the values that each blogger shows each day in commitment to transmit cultural values, ethical, literary, personal etc. that, in short, demonstrate their creativity by alive thinking that remains intact from their letters and words."
I think that's a rough translation from the original Portugeuse in which it was first written. I've seen this award on lots of blogs, so I won't tag anyone, but if you haven't received it and would like it, please share the honor with me and let me know.

Thank you, Junior and Orion, for thinking of me!

Now, I shall return to my nap. It's raining again, with lots of thunderbooms and lightning flashes. Perfect napping weather!


Anonymous said...

No Persian Iraqi invasion here in Georgia.

Storms are purrfect for napping. Carry on.

Daisy said...

You are very photogenic!

Rainy days are perfect for getting cozy and napping.

Quill and Greyson said...

ZZZZZ. You look sweet napping!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

See you have to look really gross and not so pretty sleeping and the Treater will leave you alone. Try drooling, pass lots of gas or sleep with your tongue sticking out. Worth a try.

Congrats on your award too!


Shade and goldie

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

WOO HOO!! Look at all that rain!

We have been napping lots too! It is the purrfect time of year for it!

The Crew said...

Hey, congratz on your award!

Regarding the paparazzi, get used to it. It's impossible to escape. They find you no matter where you are!

Donna said...

I don't like rains. I snuggle with Mom and Dad when that happens.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Oh those blue eyes! If you were mine, I'd never let you nap. I'd want at your eyes all the time!

Tiggie FOC said...

Oh dear Bast...Blondie just DOES NOT get it...keep you awake to look at your eyes?

She is right though. You do have gorgeous eyes. And nose too. You can go back to sleep now. Stay dry.