Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A dog's life?

What's this? Barney gets his own Christmas video? Why isn't there a First Cat? If they serve better treats at the White House, I'll volunteer to be the First Cat. Surely I can find someone there who likes to nap with a cat.
Note from Treater: If that link above doesn't work, you can go here and choose your viewing format under "Watch the latest Barney Cam." This is a cleaner video.

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Tiggie FOC said...

That sucks. They used to have a black cat, he was in the video two years ago. Maybe the cat preferred to not play second fiddle to those two fiddlefaddle dogs.

Heard it was Treater's birthday. Are you going to purr "Happy Birthday to You" while kneading her head? That's what I always do with Blondie and Bernie. They said they liked it. Usually I just drag a string to their bedroom and leave it on top of them.