Friday, December 7, 2007

The white stick

My people are so annoying. All this gal wants is a little attention...a scritch behind the ears, a good brushing, and a treat now and then.

I thought they were settling down on the big sofa last night, so I got up between them. Perfect scritching and brushing opportunity! Treater pulled out that white stick and started pushing buttons. Things started moving around on the talking picture box. I got down to catch those things. Drats...they are behind the glass. Then Treater got up and started hopping and jumping and swinging that white stick all around. I had to run for cover and hide under the rocking chair! Then Napper got up and started doing the same thing! After a long time, I finally had to tell them that it was time for the long nap.

Then, this morning, Napper just wouldn't stay put long enough for a good scritch. Like most mornings, he goes out that very interesting door and leaves for a long time. But today, I had to run and hide again when he left. Treater laughed at him and told me that it was okay. She said Napper forgot to turn off the alarm first. Boy was that loud! Treater gave me some of my favorite treats and rubbed me to calm me down. Hey, I'm a much calmer do you think I'll get?

Too much excitement. I'm off for my morning nap.

1 comment:

Tiggie FOC said...

When my people act like that, I usually go sit in the back of the closet until they settle down. Then I bit their elbows when they are in bed.
It makes sense to me; and that is all that really matters anyway.