Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's about time!

Treater finally got on the ball and uploaded a few photos that she took this week. She said it was because she was sick. I think it was just an excuse.

I thought I'd pose for the camera. Treater forgot to make it flash.

This was early on Christmas morning (before the D-O-G arrived). I think everybody was still up because they were waiting to see Santa Paws.

I look pretty relaxed, don't I? No one told me that, in just a few hours, Eve the D-O-G would be here, and that I'd be trapped on the other side of that door behind me for the whole day!

Santa Paws left a really pretty piece of paper that smells awfully strange. Treater says it came from some other place called "Australia." I never heard of that place. That paper has a sticker on it that says, "To Vicki, From Carolanne." Wonder who they are? I really like the way it smells and the way it slides around on the floor. It makes a pretty cool sound. Thanks, Santa! I really like my gift!

Maybe next year I could go visit some of my friends (I hear I missed a great party at Tiggie and Hart's house) instead of being shut up in a room because of a D-O-G.

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Tiggie FOC said...

The paper is the best part. I could lay on paper all day long and just smell it. I like the boxes too.

At least you got a Christmas. I am still pretty hacked about that.

I'm spending most of my day on my stump just considering what I should do next.