Friday, December 14, 2007

My Friday

What do I plan to do all day today? This:

After all, Treater and Napper will be home all weekend...working. I've got to rest up for it.

Well, I did get a little quality ear-scritching last night:

See the paint on Napper's finger? That's what he's been doing after work every day. He said he'll get finished on Saturday. I just sit at the see-through wall and watch. I think he scared away all of the anoles.

I have invited my nieces and nephew to contribute to my blog. I sure hope to hear from them soon. I've never met them in real life (well, except for Eve, but I'm usually under the bed when I hear her coming). Maybe I'll hear from them real soon.

Now, back to the really important business of the day: nap time!

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