Monday, December 10, 2007

My Monday

This has been a great day. Napper left for work, and a few minutes later, Treater left. I don't know where she went, but she never leaves that early. She was gone all morning. I had the place to myself.

I played with my leather string.

I nibbled.

I sat at the see-through wall watching for anoles. I could not find one. I wonder where they have gone?

I walked across the table.

I curled up in Napper's spot on the sofa (it wasn't warm).

Treater was gone so long that I was afraid she was not coming back, so...I left her a "gift" on the floor. I made it all by myself. Sure hope she likes it.

Finally, I heard someone come in. Oh, darn. It was just Eve's person. He always looks for people chow and tries to pick me up and then leaves.

When he was leaving, I heard Treater come in...ugh, she brought another person with her. I don't like this lady. She always tries to get me close to her, but I won't. Instead, I'll just sit and look at her, just like this:

She's gone now. I'm going for another nap. I hear Treater fussing about my gift.


Laura said...

LOL - Spooks, you're one terrible kitty! I think you taught your nieces about wonderful little "gifts."

Vicki said...

Just the nieces? What about the nephew?

Tiggie FOC said...

Bernie flew out last night, so I left him a "gift" this morning too. Blondie didn't notice it until the afternoon. She should know by now how upset I get when Bernie is gone. He is my hero.

I hope you can stop by and watch me dance to Bernie singing. Blondie posted it on her blog...after the dreidel playing.

I should send you a dreidel. It would give you something to do since they won't let you climb trees.