Monday, December 31, 2007


Something happens tonight called a "new year." I'm not sure what that means to us cats, but Treater and Napper said they are staying home to celebrate with me. I wonder how we'll celebrate? Catnip daiquiris?

The tall kid came over to visit. He is okay, but he always picks me up. I don't like being picked up. I thought he would leave me alone this time, but he got me from behind and picked me up. I was asleep, dagnabbit! He talked to me, and he talked about my little bitty razors. Hmm, maybe I should have used them to get away. I had to shake and shake to get my fur back in place. At least Eve didn't come with him this time.

Napper has been watching stuff on TV all afternoon. That's okay when the people throwing and bouncing balls aren't his team, but when they are, my ears get abused. He yells and waves his arms and sometimes paces...too loud and scary and dangerous for a little kitty to be around.

So much for a good nap on the big sofa. I'm going to curl up under the big chair.

Happy New Year, everybody!


Otis, Indee and Tobee too!! said...

Whats for party food? I can bring dog bones . ..

Tiggie FOC said...

Hart's all freaked out because there were fireworks all over the place here last night.

Big whoop.

Bernie is in bed most of the time, so my life is EX-CEL-LENT at the moment. I haven't purred so much in years.