Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's!!!! Let me sleep

Alright, so my aunt Spooky (what a cruel name) asked me to do some posting. So here it is. Let me introduce myself. My name is Lala, and I am one of 7 kittens from the same litter. I live with my litter-sis Willow, my adopted bro Racer, my mean owner-dad, Stretch, and my very understanding owner-mom, Light. (That's what they go by online, at least.) I should mention Lady, Stretch's lab. She lives outside, but we stare at each other through the window a lot.

BTW, I am sitting in mom's lap, and using my nose to hit her hands so she'll know what keys to press. If I purr a lot, she lets me stay here. Otherwise, she puts me on top of the monitor. She says my tail gets in her face too much. Heh.

After yet another week of traveling, Dad and Mom have FINALLY returned home. How did we celebrate? By sleeping and cuddlingly with them of course! They were playing Wii, and anytime they are on the couch, we just have to join them. Let me show you.

This is a picture of Willow laying on Stretch's lap. Sorta. She looks more like she's holding on to his leg so she doesn't fall between him and the pillows. She loves him. I do, too. Sorta. Sometimes. She's definitely his cat. Yeah, she's spoiled.

Willow is kinda mean sometimes, usually when she's hungry. She pushes me out of the way a lot. That's okay, cause I can beat her up when we wrestle.

Next, we have Racer. He's just a big fluff ball, or that's what Mom says. Racer makes a lot of noises. Mom says he sounds congested all the time and wheezes when he stretches or moves, or jumps, or rolls over, or looks up. Yeah. He has problems. He and I don't get along very well sometimes. Hey, it was my house first.

Racer can't jump very well. Mom rescued him when he was about 6 weeks old, and he had some health and physical problems. He's big now, and could probably beat me up. I make sure to whack him first before he can get me. Then I just find higher ground. Booyah.

And here's Lady. Dad went outside to play with her. The TV said it was going to be windy (35mph) today so he went to run her around. They run alot. Lady especially. She's funny. In this picture, she's playing fetch. She has a bright neon green softball, and an orange squeaky toy that is a dinosaur. She slobbers on them both. A lot.

She tends to destroy toys, I think. And she eats the little bone-shaped snacks. The bag is in the kitchen, and I like to stick my head in there and just smell. But I sure wouldn't eat one.

This is me. Yeah. Mom woke me up to take this picture. She got up off the couch (where I was warm) to find the camera. Grrrrr.

So there ya have it. That's the basics of my household. Mom is my best friend there. She understands my mood swings. Dad says I'm hormonal. Whatever. I'm just kinda picky. Alright?

Back to sleep.


Spooky said...

Lala, thank you so much for introducing yourself and everybody else. You did a fine job with your first post. I hope you'll post often. (Maybe one day we'll even get to meet each other!)

Tiggie FOC said...

Lala...I'm just jaw dropped amazed that you put up with all of those other critters.

And a dog to boot.

I'll bet you wind up hissing at least once a day. Makes me jumpy just thinking about it.