Wednesday, January 2, 2008

C-c-can't g-g-get warm....

I am a Florida Cat. We do not grow thick winter fur. If Treater turns the air in my house on too cold, I just go sprawl out in front of the see-through wall. That sunshine warms my fur and makes me sooo drowsy.


It's cold in here. Treater turned the cold air inside off, but she won't turn on the warm air. Napper is taking a nap right now under the big fleece blankie, and I've tried getting warm on top of that blankie. He tries to convince me to go under it, but I don't like being picked up, sitting on laps, or getting under blankies!

The sunshine was coming in through the see-through wall, but it wasn't warm. I don't like this being cold. My little teeth are chattering. I think I see my kitty breath.

The guy inside the moving-picture box is telling all the people to put blankies on their plants outside. He says we're all going to freeze! I wonder if it will snow? Treater says that it "spit snow" on Thanksgiving Eve, but she doesn't think it will do it tonight. (Who spit the snow, I wonder?) The guy inside the moving picture box says it will be 28 tonight. I'm not sure what "28" means, but I don't think I'm gonna like it. I'm soooo c-c-cold!

News Flash: Treater just told me that the "wind chill" will be "20" tonight, so she'll turn on the warm air in the house! Yippee!


Tiggie FOC said...

You are tellin' me it is cold? It is freezing here! Hart and I am glued to Bernnie trying to stay warm. And our fur looks funny too...all stuck together like.

Hart gave Bernie a wallop to let him know he needed to turn on the heater. Blondie always turns it up high unless he is home.

Whistle said...

I sit in the sun when I get cold, too. Ask Treater to get an electric blanket for the three days of really cold weather we get down here. Fish suggests you get under the covers, day or night, for extra warmth.

I do not like cold days or nights. Yuk!