Monday, May 19, 2008

Party wrap-up

Wow…what a party we had! Is anybody still here? I haven’t checked all of the hidey places yet – someone may have fallen asleep somewhere.

I wanted to thank Daisy for her fantastic Circus stunts – who knew that a clothesline could be put to such use (I loved that tutu, Daisy!)? Everyone pitched in with some great ‘nip toys, cat milk, and treats, too. My supply of Greenies is sadly depleted. Treater wondered how I managed to eat them all (wink) and said she’ll run out for more this afternoon. A few guests managed to overdo the ‘nip and had to settle into a corner or under a chair with their blankies for the night, but that’s okay. The anoles came out bright and early each morning, so we shook off the grogginess and got our exercise chasing anoles.

We missed a few guests:

  • Padme was grounded for “eating mommy’s flowers” and returning them “later on the family room carpet.”
  • Tiggie and Hart couldn’t come because poor Blondie was in the hospital and they had to hold down the fort. Get well soon, Blondie! The boys miss you!
  • Goldie and Shade were busy snoopervising the yardwork, and Goldie is seriously trying to find a way to convince the PM that he needs to “check out” those new baby robins.

But, we had lots of cool cats here and we partied all weekend. I especially want to thank Junior, Samantha and Mr. Tigger for staying behind to help with the clean-up. Treater and Napper never suspected a thing.

Let's do it again...soon!

1 comment:

Junior said...

I had a great time! Those anoles are sure fun to chase!

I was happy to help clean up!