Monday, May 5, 2008

They are back...again

Did you notice my long blogging absence? My people left me again for a long weekend. They came back yesterday, but left again for a few hours. At least they came back in time for bedtime. I finally got to curl up between them for a long snooze.

They keep following me around with a worried look on their faces. Huh. They should. After all, they keep leaving me so I'm gonna be one unhappy cat. How would they like being left alone all weekend with absolutely nothing to do and no one to talk to?

Treater blogged this morning. I know she's worried about me 'cause I read this at her blog:

Our frequent absences have been especially hard on Spooky. She has been nervous and unsettled since we brought her to the apartment. A short time prior to the move, she began to develop some bad habits and odd behaviors. After several trips to the Vet’s office, and one long stay, it was decided that she was just being affected by the move. She is on behavior modification medication (”kitty prozac,” as the Vet calls it), but in the past couple of weeks, she has begun to lose weight, too. The Vet keeps telling us there is nothing else to do short of taking her to a cat psychiatrist. As much as we love our Spooky, I don’t think that’s a realistic solution. Does anyone have any experience with a depressed cat?
Yeah. Right. Depressed? Me? As for the weight loss...well, buy me some food that I like! I don't much care for that healthy stuff, and that white powder that they sprinkle on my food each day...what is that about? It makes my food taste funny.

Well, anyway, they're back and Treater finally turned on a computer. Maybe she'll help me get some new pix up here this week. For now, I'm gonna take a nap. Treater gave me an ear-scritching that really made me sleepy.



Tiggie FOC said...

I'm a little depressed myself. The red haired lady is packing suitcases, and Bernie is gone too.

Too much coming and going for my nerves. I had to eat some toilet paper this afternoon; I do it whenever I am upset.

goldenshade said...

That is not good! You better start eating more! Maybe you need extra treats. I think you may be feeling abandoned. When are going to be able to be home with you more? Maybe only one could go at a time?

I know we hate being left alone but at least we have each other, even though we fight sometimes.

purring for ya sweetie!

~Shade and Goldie

The Crew said...

Hmmpph! Yes, they should feel guilty for leaving you and causing you to lose so much weight.

I'm 10 and I eat only Iams dry kibbles, usually Digestive Care in the pink bag. If I eat anything but Iams, I throw up.