Monday, April 28, 2008

An award

Goldie and Shade have very kindly shared this lovely rose with me. I've never actually smelled a rose up close, but this one certainly is pretty. Treater said they have thorns that are sort of like my little kitty-razors. Hmmm, pretty roses have thorns. Pretty kitties have razors. Maybe we're related!

A red rose has a number of thorns in it, and when it pricks your finger it hurts.
Some days, life is just like a red rose, and sometimes life is not always a bed of roses.

Treater said that even though the rose's thorns may hurt me, they do not hurt the rose. Instead, the thorns are to protect the rose, just like my little razors protect me. She said she read somewhere once that when we walk with God, He is like a thorn to our enemies - He protects us and takes care of us...even us Cats. Nice.

I think I'm supposed to pass this award on to another kitty-blogger. I know so many deserving Cats that choosing one is nearly impossible. If you have been kind enough to visit with me, please accept this award...especially YOU, Tiggie!

>><> >><> >><>

Now that Treater and Napper are back again, I feel like relaxing. Ahhhh....

What?! What was that noise? What is disturbing my nap? I turned on my laser eyes, but I didn't see anything.

That's fine. I'll finish my nap now. TTFN!

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: Happy Birthday, Napper!


Tiggie FOC said...

Ah, thanks Spooky. I like roses. They are an excellent back drop for cat pictures. The thorns can catch your fur if you are not careful though.

I'm glad things are settling down for you. Your lazer vision is impressive

goldenshade said...

Glad you liked the award and we are also glad your folks are back home!

We have lots of roses here and their thorns are hideous. Shade knows it as she always lays behind them.


Junior said...

I will be glad when you don't get left alone every weekend. I don't like being left alone either! I hope you got greenies when they got back!

Happy Purrthday Napper!!!

Daisy said...

Congratulations on your award, and happy birthday to Napper!

Karen Jo said...

Congratulations on your Award, Spooky. Happy Birthday, Napper!

The Crew said...

We've never smelled a rose either 'cause we're not allowed out. I think I'd like to smell a pink one, though.

Your friend