Sunday, April 20, 2008

A limerick

Karen Jo writes limericks. She also tells about various breeds of Cats. I think she does a really good job, too.

Well, guess what? She wrote a limerick about Snowshoe Siamese Cats! That would be me...and a few lot of other Cats. You have to visit her and read her neat little stories and limericks.

Once again, I was alone all weekend. Treater disappeared early one morning and left Napper, but then he disappeared the next day. No big deal. I had LOTS of food and a clean litter box. I slept most of the weekend, too.

I had some entertainment, too, through the glass wall. There were LOTS of people out there, playing strange games and cooking good-smelling stuff, and making lots of noise. It helped the afternoon to pass quickly. Those little people sure do run around a lot and make a lot of noise.

Hmm, Treater just nudged me and told me that I might be using the word "lot" too much. I don't think so.

Harrumph. I think I'll go back to the dark place under the bed. TTFN.

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