Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another weekend alone!

My people took those suitcases and left again yesterday. Since we moved, I have spent every single weekend alone in this new place. At least they leave plenty of food and water...but no Greenies. I have to wait for those until they get back.

They keep telling me they are just going back to our old place. It sounds to me like they're doing big things over there. I think I'm glad I'm here where it's quiet. They say things like "paint" and "carpet" and "cleaning" and so on. Lots of strange people coming in and going out, too...not something I care for. I'm not crazy about strangers.

Treater said they're selling my house. Too bad - that house had lots of hidey-places. This one just has one good hidey-place, and that's under the bed. There might be good places inside those rooms with the closed doors, but I haven't figured out how to get in there yet.

Meanwhile, I can sit in front of the glass wall and watch all those strange birds...turkeys, egrets, and herons. There are lots of the two-legged variety of critter that look like miniature versions of people. They sure do make a lot of noise. Every now and then, I hear and see woofies. Oh, yeah, and there are zillions of anoles! Like I said, there's a lot to watch to keep me occupied.

Treater said they'll be back tomorrow afternoon because they're going out to celebrate Napper's birthday with friends. They're meeting them in some place called Clearwater. I think Napper's birthday is Monday. He's really old. I think he'll be hundred-leventy-seven or something like that. I don't even want to think how old that would be in Cat years.

So, that's what I'm doing this weekend. What are you Hip Cats up to?


Daisy said...

Lots of anoles? You moved to the right place!

I think I will get to play with a brand new toy tomorrow!

Tiggie FOC said...

I'm working on scratching a hole through the window. I notice that sometimes there is glass there, and sometimes *poof* magic, the glass is NOT there.

I'm working on figuring this out.

Whatcha gonna get Napper for his birthday?

goldenshade said...

I have to admit, I will be googling "anoles". I have no clue what they are but now I am very curious. At least you have lots to look at in your new place!

We have a award for you over at our place. Something to brighten your weekend.

Purrs my friend.


Junior said...

I mostly napped.....and played a bit.

Orion made stinkies!


Java's Coffee House said...

No parents around means time to do all the stuffs they never let you do!