Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My first full day in a strange place

Yesterday was a better day. I finally figured out where my food bowl is, and Treater gave me some Greenies. Much better.

The view from down here is a bit intimidating. There are towering boxes everywhere, and getting around them is a bit tough. It's like walking through a maze since I cannot see over them. Treater keeps opening them and moving them around. This is a really strange place. I wonder how long we'll be here?

Yesterday I said that we had anoles and frogs. Later on yesterday, we had another strange visitor. I think Treater called it a "turkey." He came right up to the see-through wall! I think I'm very glad that wall was there...he was much bigger than me!

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Treater also said that I cannot play outside because of the alligators that walk around by the pond. I'm sure glad I'm an inside cat.

I see big dogs pulling their people around, too. There are lots of little people that play in the big sandbox. Treater says that's a volleyball court, but it looks like a giant litter box to me. I saw a friendly-looking gray cat yesterday on my patio. I hope the alligator doesn't eat him.

All of this excitement is just too much at times. I have decided that my favorite retreat is under the bed...the same bed I always hid under at my house. It's nap time; I believe I'll head there now. Later.

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Junior said...

I bet once all those boxes are out of the way you will love your new place!!

Daisy said...

I am glad you are starting to get settled in. Stay FAR, FAR away from the alligators. Trust me on this.

goldenshade said...

Sounds like you are going to like your new place. Alligators???? I will have to look those critters up? Not nice???

Java's Coffee House said...

You looks happy under that bed, I bet you'll love your new place. I loves mine and I haded lots of fun running around and over all the boxes.


Tiggie FOC said...

Me thinks turkeys will be delicious in a few months. Keep them happy, then BAM! And into the oven they go.
That's what Blondie's dad always does. He send her feathers from the turkeys to use in her hat making.

You think cat nip can make you crazy...just try a romp through wild turkey feathers. Yowzah!