Monday, April 14, 2008

One week later...

Treater has finally settled down at the computer for a few minutes and has agreed to help me write a post! I can't believe she made me wait a whole week!

Treater and Napper have been gone too much lately. She said they're trying to sell the house! What??! MY house? The one with the wonderful glass walls that let all the sunshine in? The one with the anoles that play with me through the glass walls? The one with the big round window that I like sitting in where I can watch Grace the Dog and that crazy orange cat? I don't want them to sell that house! This place they brought me to smells like other people, and it's full of boxes and stuff. I keep forgetting where the food bowls are and where the litter box is. I guess I'll get the hang of it.

Anyway, Treater told me to tell all you Cats (and Dogs) that she won't be able to help me very much this week with blogging, but she should be able to help me with visiting blogs. I'll try to sneak onto the computer while she's sleeping...maybe I can do some writing. She said we're not going away, we'll just be a little busy for a few days.

If I have to go very long without computing, I'll give her a nip when she least expects it. Perhaps leave her a "gift" or two around the place. I'll show her who's boss on this computer!


goldenshade said...

Oh Spooky! I know it is hard moving. I have done it a couple of times. I miss the old ones for a little while but then I always discover the wonderful new things about the new place.

Think of it as an adventure.

Purrs, Shade

Gandalf & Grayson said...

We moved from Florida to Georgia 2 years ago. It wasn't as bad as we thought, except for 4 hours in the PTU. We also love Lizards, and there seem to be more here!

Daisy said...

Giving the bitey usually works!

Junior said...

You show her Spooky! I think you should give her a nip or a "gift" for all the trauma of moving!

the reverend mommy said...

Dear Spooky,
I like to chew on the cardboard boxes. It's a LOT of fun. Then you can rip little pieces off and watch the hoomins make funny noises and get out the broom. I LOVE to chase the broom!

So if you have lots of cardboard boxes, I'm jealous.

Johnny Cat, Cat in Black

Tiggie FOC said...

Courage Spooky. This crazyness will pass.

MoMo said...

Thanks for visiting1 Do come again although I am forced to take temporary leave from blogging becasue my SS is busy with her thesis.

You have to move? How sad! We kitties don't like moving at all.