Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another visitor

This new place might be interesting after all. We had another visitor this morning. I told Treater to hurry and get the camera, but she was all but too late. This Great Egret was walking across our patio, "visiting" with the fake cranes and pelican (they used to be by our pool in the house, but Treater dragged them here). When she got the camera, all she could get was this picture of the egret flying away. You can see a photo of the patio and two of the fake birds here on her blog.

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By the way, I finally figured out where my litter box is. I haven't done such a good job of utilizing it since we've been here. They "hid" it in the bathroom of all places! It used to be in the laundry room at the house. As payback for hiding it, I took plenty of time to make sure everything in there was covered up, just like Johnny Cat - his people say that he's "digging to China." I think that's funny.

I'm going back to the glass wall now...looking for other interesting visitors. Then perhaps a long nap under the bed. As my distant cousin would say, "TTFN."


Junior said...

Hmmmmmm...that looks like a great place to live! You and I could take out that bird...don't ya think?

goldenshade said...

Can I help? Can I help? Don't forget about me!!!!

~Goldie- desperate for a good hunt!