Friday, April 4, 2008

Daggone it!

First, they leave me at the vet's for too long.

Then, they take me home to an empty house!

Then, they put me in that stupid carrier and we travel in the car for a long, long time. (Hey, any time spent in a carrier AND in a car is too long!)

Then, they lock me in a strange bathroom for a long time, and when they let me out, I find all of my missing furniture but it's all in a strange place!

Now, they've packed suitcases again and they are leaving me here! In a strange place! All alone!

I think we should have a Cat party here while they're gone. We can escape to the outside and try to catch those big white birds. Maybe a few anoles, too. I've had some interest from Junior and Goldie. Maybe my nieces Willow and Lala and my nephew Racer can come down. I hear their people will be gone, too.

Whaddaya think?


Daisy said...

Party! Party! Party! I'll bring the catnip!

Junior said...

Sounds like fun! When are they leaving?

Junior said...

By the way...I am appalled at them leaving you AGAIN!!!!!!!! We may have to employ some of the techniques used at Yao-lins when he was upset with his bean! And that got ugly...well for his bean anyway!

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

Tiggie and Hart know how to put on a great party saw what they did when their people went away to Utah or someplace like that....maybe they will come help you celebrate.

I'll come to if I can!

Miss Kitty

Christine and FAZ said...

Wow Spooky, that all sounds ... well ... spooky. FAZ

goldenshade said...

Don't worry, we will be right over! PM and the wee ones are off the The Nanny's for a few days and the Music Man is working nights so we are free to do what we want!!!!

We have an award too for you!! You really deserve one after all this!

Have a nap and we'll see you in a bit!

Purrs, Shade and Goldie